Waking nightmare or ghostly encounter?

One Calgarian's lifelong experiences with the supernatural

For some, brushes with the supernatural are the stuff of stories, while for others, they occur throughout their lives.

Calgarian Jarrett Edmund, a photographer for BeatRoute AB, began experiencing unusual phenomena as a child. However, in the past three years, the encounters seem to have begun again.
“The more recent ones have been more poignant – when you’re almost thirty, it is no longer acceptable to blame things on an ‘active imagination,’” Edmund admitted.
Until this summer, he lived in a “very cozy one-bedroom” in a century building in Inglewood, where he began experiencing vivid nightmares of three men trying to break into his apartment.
Upon waking up in terror, he was relieved to find that everything seemed fine, until he felt someone grab his leg and drag him toward the door.
“I heard maniacal, gurgling laughter. Then, it all stopped.
“I didn’t wake up, because I was already awake.”

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